Guesthouse(Namba,Osaka,Japan) KEN'S HOUSE

For reservations


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are free up to 3 days before. (Up to Group bookings 3 weeks ago)

Two days ago, one day before, concerning the cancellation of the day, based on our cancellation policy, cancellation fee will occur. Please note.

  • If that were not checked in without can contact you in the room scheduled date the first day, we will cancel all of the reservation schedule.
  • If you cancel or change the reservation details during your stay, please let us know at least 2 days prior to the relevant date.
    With regard to the day before the day of the stay reduction application, I am afraid that I can not repay. Also, regarding accommodation extension of the duration of the stay, because it is necessary to confirm the work such as reservation status and availability, please let us know until two days ago.
  • 1 floor chartered (up to 8 people) and the entire charter (up to 32 people) are also available. [In the case of the charter will be the number of people even with what people can accommodate the number of people fee.
    Since there is a key to the room to each floor it can be used as private room. ] Business and school officials, is available welcome, such as travel and tour! ! !
    * If Group bookings, pre-settlement Internet reservation or, in up to three weeks before the check-in and payment please bank transfer.
    * your organization reservation, until three weeks before the check-in is canceled free.

Online booking form

* Booking online booking form and direction of choice for more than two people
like I am to change the number of rooms rather than the number of people to the number of people, you can book.

Hotel Reservation

* If you have refused to mail from the personal computer in the smartphone and mobile, it is when the reservation completion mail, etc. does not reach.
If you are concerned, we will refrain from the booking number and booking confirmation under the booking, because there is a cancellation of the item
If it is possible to fill in there in the reservation number and e-mail address can be confirmed and the cancellation of the reservation.

Reservation Confirmation & Cancellation

Reservations from the web service

Please make your reservation from each web service.

Rurubu Travel

Reservation by telephone

Please make your reservation at the following telephone number.

Hours are 9:00 to 21:00.

If you want to call from Japan 06-6536-8855
If you are calling from outside Japan +81-6-6536-8855